Science Facts

ArmiGard™ Oral Appliance Solution is specially formulated to kill bacteria found on oral appliances with unprecedented effectiveness and safety.

ArmiGard™ contain both hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid as primary ingredients. 

Hydrogen peroxide has been proven to be more effective at killing some forms of bacteria than other ammonium compounds.

Peracetic acid is an organic chemical compound that is a very effective antimicrobial agent and is highly effective against a broad range of microorganisms known to cause illness.

ArmiGard™ Oral Appliance Solution is approved by dental professionals and made in America. Our solution has been thoroughly tested and proven highly effective and safe for all ages and removable oral appliances.

Pathogen:Strain/ATCC No.Kill & Challenge Times​:
Staphylococcus aureus
ATCC 6538
99.999% kill within 1 minute
Escherichia coli
ATCC 11229
99.999% kill within 1 minute
Salmonella enterica
ATCC 10708
99.999% kill within 1 minute
Listeria monocytogenesATCC 98499.999% kill within 1 minute
Staphylococcus mutansATCC 2517599.999% kill within 3 minutes
Klebsiella pneumoniae ​ATCC 1003199.999% kill within 3 minutes
Candida albicans ​ATCC 1023199.999% kill within 3 minutes
SARS-Related Coronavirus 2
-or-SARS-CoV-2 -or- COVID-19 virus
99.9% kill within 2 minutes
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
ATCC 1544299.9% kill within 10 minutes
Human Rhinovirus 42 [The Common Cold]ATCC VR33899.9% kill within 10 minutes
 Influenza A virus [H1N1]A/swine/Iowa/15/30
99.9% kill within 10 minutes
Human Corona VirusATCC VR-740
99.9% kill within 10 minutes
Feline Calicivirus[as surrogate virus for Norovirus]ATCC VR-78299.9% kill within 10 minutes
Human RotavirusATCC VR-201899.9% kill within 10 minutes

*Independent Lab Reports Available Upon Request.

ArmiGard™ is Safe:
Stainless Steel

ArmiGard™ breaks down
on its own into water, air,
acetic acid (vinegar).

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