Anne S.

I met Debbie Z. at the CDA Conference in California in June, 2023 and she gave me this sample of ArmiGard for my oral sleep device. I've loved using it because my splint feels fresh every night!

I've also noticed how fast it is to use and how my appliance is clear again. Thank you Debbie Z. and ArmiGard for making my appliance feel great again!

Kathleen S.

"I tried the product last night and this morning and I loved it. I felt that it made my aligner mouth guard much fresher when I put it into my mouth. For the first time I smelled it and it smelled really good. So, thank you!"

David S.

I'm a sports guy and go through a lot of mouth guards. The main reason is because I don't ever clean them; I just throw them in my bag after a game (pr practice). ArmiGard is so fast and easy-to-use I'll save so much time (and money) on clean mouth guards. Thanks for putting this product out. I'm telling all my buddies about ArmiGard!

ArmiGard Oral Appliance Solution

Susan L.

I tried ArmiGard and it made my clear aligner feel cleaner and fresher than ever - like when I first got it! 

I also LOVED the fact that it only took 3 minutes! 

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