Armis Biopharma® is focused on efficacious, non-systemic products to protect against resistant pathogens and chemical/biological warfare agents.

The need for an antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal agent providing complete kill has been escalating as Antibiotic Resistant Microbes have proliferated during the past two decades in which there have been no new antibiotics.

Armis Biopharma® is serving the unmet needs with novel technology leveraging two well known active ingredients

Peracids, Peroxide and proprietary ingredients in topical

(non-systemic) solutions.

Our goal is to achieve the most effective Microbe elimination.

Our criteria for all current product(s) and new products we will bring to the market:

More Effective than Competitors

Safe for Humans, Surfaces & the Environment


Easy & Convenient to Use

10x the Value delivered to the Consumer compared to price

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