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Are their Latent Unmet Needs in Your Care Continuum?

The Facts

  • Harmful pathogens are everywhere 
  • Dental professionals are diligent in their cleaning protocols 
  • Yes, Dental Practices fail to meet OSHA efficacy & safety requirements every day
  • Patients are often not always as compliant in following your oral hygiene instructions

The Questions 

  • Are achieving complete kill of harmful pathogens in your practice? 
  • Are you introducing harmful chemicals to eliminate pathogens? 
  • Would patient outcomes improve if their oral appliances remained in “like new” condition throughout their service life?

Are you getting activity against all…and full kill of the most important? 

  • Gram Positive
  • Gram Negative
  • Antibiotic Resistant
  • Viruses
  • Fungi
  • Spores
  • The effective ingredients have to provide activity against all of these pathogens and full kill of the most problematic
  • Full kill has to be fast
  • Products have to be easy to use

If you answered NO (or Not Sure)…you can do better

Are you introducing toxic chemicals to achieve complete kill?

  • Ethanol-Based
  • Chlorine-Based
  • Phenol-Based
  • Quaternary Amine
  • BPA
  • Completely removed after use?
  • Using Correct PPE?
  • Correctly Handling?
  • Correctly Disposing?
  • Damaging your equipment?

If you answered YES (or Not Sure)… you can do better

Would patient compliance (wearing their appliances) improve if it remained as pristine as when brand new?

  • No bacteria
  • No biofilm
  • No buildup
  • No odor
  • No residue
  • Crystal clear
  • The actives MUST be effective
  • Has to be fast
  • Has to be easy
  • Has to be convenient

If YES (or It’s Possible)…
you can do better

Here's How You Do Better

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