Infection Prevention Solutions

Designed to Protect:

Dental Professionals

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ArmiGard™ Oral Appliance Solution is only available through Dental Professional Offices

For All Dental Appliances*

ArmiGard™ Oral Appliance Solution is specially formulated to kill germs found on aligners, retainers, mouth guards, sleep apnea devices, removable braces, implant overdentures, and dentures.

Removes stains, prevents tartar buildup, keeps appliances fresh and clear.

*Per manufacturer instructions.

Easy to Use in Three Steps

Spray, Wait 3 Minutes,
Rinse & Smile!

ArmiGard™ is free of harsh chemicals.

Eco Friendly

Kills Odor-Causing Bacteria

The mild pH and gentle cleaning properties in ArmiGard™ Oral Appliance Solution protects your investment from discoloration and damage from harsh abrasives found in other inferior products.

Our bottles are BPA Free

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