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Quick Start Kit

Quick Start Kit

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Included in the Quick Start Kit:

24 - 3 oz Spray Bottles

24 - 12 oz Refill Bottles

24 - Appliance Containers

2 - Tear Off Information Pads/Instructions for Use 

1 - In Office Counter Display Boxes

1 - 30 Minute Frontline Protection Staff Training

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Quick Start Kit Inclusions

  • 24 - 3 oz Spray Bottles
  • 24 - 12 oz Refill Bottles
  • 24 - Appliance Containers
  • 2 - Tear Off Info Pads/Instructions for Use 
  • 1 - In Office Counter Display Boxes
  • 30 Minute Frontline Protection Staff Training

technical specifications

Bottle Dimensions

4.5" x 5.5" ; 3 oz.
6.25” x  3” ; 12 oz.

Appliance Case Dimensions

2.5" x 2.6" x 0.9"

Info Pads/Instructions for Use Pads

3" x 5"
50 Pages per Pad

Counter Display Box Dimensions

7.78" x 5.38" x 4.34"

Use For All Dental Appliances

ArmiGard™ is specially formulated to kill bacteria found on aligners, retainers, mouth guards, sleep apnea devices, removable braces, implant overdentures, and dentures.

Kills Odor-Causing Bacteria

The mild pH and gentle cleaning properties in ArmiGard™ protects your investment from discoloration and damage from harsh abrasives found in other inferior products.

Easy to Use in Three Steps

Spray, Wait 3 Minutes, Rinse & Smile!

Eco Friendly

ArmiGard™ is safe and free of harsh chemicals, no toxic residue, 
breaks down into air and water, no special personal protection equipment required, no special handling, storage or disposal instructions required.

ArmiGard™ will not harm hard surfaces, plastics, rubber or materials used in dentures or other oral appliances.

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reviews from delighted customers

I met Debbie Z. at the CDA Conference in California in June, 2023 and she gave me a sample of ArmiGard for my oral sleep device. I've loved using it because my splint feels fresh every night!

I've also noticed how fast it is to use and how my appliance is clear again.

Thank you Debbie Z. and ArmiGard for making my appliance feel great again!

Anne S.

I'm a sports guy and go through a lot of mouth guards. The main reason is because I don't ever clean them; I just throw them in my bag after a game (or practice).

ArmiGard is so fast and easy-to-use I'll save so much time (and money) on clean mouth guards.

Thanks for putting this product out. I'm telling all my buddies about ArmiGard!

David S.

So once the patients started using ArmiGard, it was quite amazing the difference in the cleanliness of the appliances.

One of my patients retainer had picked up a green hue from mouthwash that she was soaking it in. The retainer actually turned clear after she began using ArmiGard.

I also personally use it for my own retainers and I'm very impressed with how clean everything stays with ArmiGard -  much better than with typical denture cleaners!

Dr. Kim Kind

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